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Friday Nights with Yury Revich

„Friday Nights with Yury Revich“ is a project which has been brought to life in Vienna by Yury Revich and Mia Papaefthimiou in 2015. The aim is the support and networking of young talented artists on a local and international level, and the development of an innovative event circle, which brings together music and other forms of art presented through a dialogue between established and young professionals.
The concept of „Friday Nights” is based on a synergy between Music, Fine Arts, Applied and Performative Arts, Fashion, Theater and Dance aiming to open new perspectives on the cultural field by listening to the arts and seeing the music. Having a specific concept for each event, as human rights, freedom of expression, we also raise awareness for different causes as autism and breast cancer.

Yury Revich / Artist - Music Director
Mia Papaefthimiou / Curator - Art Director
Emil Eypeltauer / Project Coordinator
Yuliya Draganova / Project Coordinator

For more information of the Friday Nights with Yury Revich concert and exhibition series, please visit:

events :



● 8th-9th, Kabalevsky violin concerto CD recording with Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz

● 13th, with Irkutsk National Orchestra, Musikverein - Goldener Saal, Vienna

● 15th, 'Friday Nights with Yury Revich' - Program Presentation 2018, Bank Austria Salon, Vienna

● 24th, World Premiere of the Wolfram Wagner Sonata for violin and piano, and violin-piano music by Heinz von Einem, Musikverein, Vienna


● 12th, Paganini Concerto nr.2 with Belarus National Orchestra, Minsk

● 24th, Amadeus Gala, Musikverein - Gläserner Saal, Vienna


● 4th, Charity Gala ‘all for autism’, Musikverein - Goldener Saal, Vienna

● 10th, Recital, Benaroya Hall, Seattle, USA

● 23rd, Recital with Sumi Jo and Simone Di Crescenzo, Museum of Duomo, Florence, Italy


● 6th, 'Friday Nights with Yury Revich', Palais Schönborn-Batthyány, Vienna

● 13th, 8Seasons Cultura Stella Nova, Breitenfurt

● 16th-17th, Recording of music by Zara Levina with Maria Lettberg

● 18th-19th, Dvorak Violin concerto with Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Schönebeck


● 7th, 'Festival della Valle D'Itria' Press Conference Teatro Piccolo, Milano, Italy

● 12th, 'Ovationen mit Yury Revich’ Yury Revich presents young soloists, Aachen/Vaals

● 13th, 'Ovationen mit Yury Revich’ Yury Revich presents young soloists, Monschau

● 14th, Mendelsohn Violin Concerto with Aachen Symphony Orchestra, Erkelenz

● 18th, ‘Friday Nights with Yury Revich’ Semper Depot - Academy of Arts, Vienna


● 29th, ‘Friday Nights with Yury Revich’, Hofburg - Zeremoniensaal, Vienna


● 2nd, 'Varna Summer Festival', Recital with Yuliya Draganova, Varna, Bulgaria

● 7th-8th, Rheingau Festival - Mozart Recitals

● 10th-14th, teaching at Laredo Summer Festival Academy WOM, Spain

● 13th, Klassik Festival Stolberg ‘Friday Night with Yury Revich’ Stolberg, Germany

● 16th, 'Festival della Valle D'Itria' Virtuoso works for violin and orchestra, conductor: Michael Halasz, Palazzo Ducale, Martina Franca, Italy

● 18th, 'Festival della Valle D'Itria' Recital with Simone Di Crescenzo and special guests: Maria Aleida (Soprano) and Michele Pertusi (Bariton), Martina Franca, Italy

● 22nd,24th,26th Monika Leskovar & Friends Festival Osor, Croatia


● 2nd, Recital, St. Jean de Luz, France

● 15th, Fundraising Concert for ‘Friday Nights with Yury Revich’ International Concerts of Arts, Bad Aussee


● 7th, ‘Friday Nights with Yury Revich’, Orangerie Schönbrunn im Tiergarten, Vienna

● 15th, Recital with Donka Angatscheva, Musikverein - Brahms Saal, Vienna

● 16th-22nd, Internationales Musikfestival Koblenz, Koblenz, Germany

● 27th, Recital, Biel, Switzerland


● 21st, Dvorak Violin concerto with Mitteldeutsche Kammerphilharmonie, Bernburg

● 27th-1st of Nov., Beethoven Week Vienna + Masterclass for music Traveller, Vienna

● 28th, Recital with Donka Angatscheva, Kloster Sankt Urban, Luzern, Switzerland


● 5th, Recital in Megaron, Athens, Greece

Yury Revich on tour in Ireland together with Benedict Klöckner (cello)

● 7th, Music Network, Dublin

● 8th, Clifden Arts Society, Galway

● 9th, Regional Cultural Centre, Donegal

● 10th, Birr Theatre & Arts Centre, Offaly

● 11th, Con Brio, Sligo

● 12th, Linenhall Arts Centre, Mayo

● 17th, Orpheum Foundation - Recital with a winner of 2018 Concours Geza Anda, Zurich, Switzerland

● 22nd, ‘Friday Nights with Yury Revich' - Dreamland’ Charity Gala for UNICEF, Vienna


● 1st-2nd, Vivaldi the Four Seasons with Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester, Mannheim

● 7th, Vivaldi the Four Seasons with Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester, Schloss Walpersdorf

● 9th, Vivaldi the Four Seasons with Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester, Langen

● 27th, New Years Gala Philharmonic Concert with Ivana Canovic, Podgorica, Montenegro

2019 (forecast)


● 7th, 9th, & 10th, England Tour with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Duncan Ward


● March, MARS Festival, Electronic performance, Shanghai



● 24th, Project „Ovationen", Nastätten

● 25th, Project „Ovationen", Fulda

● 29th, Special Event with Georg Habsburg, Embassy of Hungary, Vienna


● 6th, Tiroler Festspiele Erl, Recital, Erl - Tirol

● 19th, All for Autism, Musikverein - Goldener Saal, Vienna

● 21st, Friday Nights with Yury Revich, „Angels&Demons", Vienna


● 13th, Christa Ludwig reading, Yury Revich Recital, Vienna

● 19th, Friday Nights with Yury Revich, Musikverein - Brahms Saal, Vienna

● 20th, Recital, Aachen

● 22nd, Beethoven septet, Musikverein - Gläserner Saal, Vienna


● 6th, Life+ Celebration Concert - Recognise the Danger, Burgtheater, Vienna

● 10th, Opening ceremony of the Life Ball Vienna, Rathausplatz, Vienna

● 23rd, Friday Nights with Yury Revich, Belvedere, Vienna



● 8th, Riga

● 12th, Fantastival, Dinslaken

● 22nd, Opening of the Riva Festival, Italy

● 24th, Alpen Classica Festival, Bressanone, Italy


● 7th, Recital, St. Jean de Luz, France

● 19th, Recital, Salzburg

● 23rd, Recital, Schloss Elmau, Germany


● 21st, Jav music Festival, Poland

● 22nd, Friday Nights with Yury Revich, Bank Austria Salon, Vienna

● 28th, "Kunst & Klassik kuratiert von Yury Revich", Belvedere, Vienna


● 8th, Recital in Bozar, Brussels

● 18th, Fundraising concert for Friday Nights with Yury Revich, Grand Hotel, Vienna

● 20th, Closing concert of Bemus Festival, Belgrade

● 21st, Opening concert of Nimus Festival, Paganini Concerto nr.2, Nis, Serbia

● 26th -29th, Concerts of the Festival „:alpenarte“, Intendant in Residence

● 31st, Singapore


● 10th, DREAMLAND - Stars perform for UNICEF; Friday Nights with Yury Revich, InterContinental, Vienna

● 29th, Philharmonie, Berlin


● 3rd, Recital, Aachen

● 15th, Collegium Musicum, Basel

● 20th, Musiksommer Bad Schallerbach Recital "Angels&Demons", Bad Schallerbach

● 31st, Special Star Guest appearance at the Silvester Ball, Hofburg, Vienna



● 1st, Recital with Sabine Weyer, Paris

● 3rd, Recital with Sabine Weyer, Luxembourg

● 12th, Bank Austria Kunstpreis, performance 18-21, Theater am Josefstadt, Vienna

● 28th, Lalo, Simphonie-Espagnole with Gerard Oskamp


● 1st, ORF3 Program Presentation 2015 Performance, MuTH, Vienna

● 9th, Al Bustan Festival, Vivaldi and Piazzolla 8 Seasons, Beirut, Lebanon

● 18th, Concertos with a string orchestra, Barcelona

● 26th, Smetana Hall, Prague


● 1st, Benefizgala for children with Peter Simonischek, Haus der Industrie, Goldener Saal, Vienna

● 8th, Music by Johanna Doderer, Konzerthaus Berlin

● 10th, Recital, Monschau, Germany

● 13th, Recital, Salon Christophori, Berlin

● 15-19th, Recital tour, Spain

● 26th, Recital, Panama

● 29th, Friday Nights with Yury Revich, Haydn Violin Concerto, Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Musikverein - Brahms Saal, Vienna


● 20th, Grazer Musikverein with Wiener Konzertvereinigung Orchestra, Graz, Austria

● 25th, With Wiener Konzertvereinigung Orchestra, Vienna


● 7th, Closing concert of the season with Zagreb Soloists, Zagreb

● 9th, Lake Como Festival

● 10th, Concert for the Austrian President Fischer, Vienna

● 23rd, Bruch Concerto with Philharmonisches Kammerorchester Wernigerode, Wernigerode, Germany


● 16th, Carinthia


● 1st-7th, Nutcracker Production of the Israel National Ballet, re-arranged for Violin and electronics, Philharmonic Hall, Tel-Aviv, Israel


● 8th, Universal Insidea 2016, Berlin

● 9th, Berlin

● 11th, Mosel Music Festival, Recital

● 20th, Opening of the Bluethner Zyklus, Recital, Vienna


● 8th, UDK, VOR-ECHO Klassik Prizewinners Concert, Berlin

● 9th, Konzerthaus, ECHO Klassik Award Ceremony, Berlin

● 11th-15th, "Music Connects Festival" , Bad Ragaz


● 6th, Chamber Music, Hamburg

● 12th, Sava Centar, Belgrade

● 13th, Ovationen 2016, Germany


● 2nd, Shooting the Christmas Concert for ZDF from Bethlehem

● 3rd, With Landeskapelle Eisenach, Mozart Concerto no.4, Eisenach, Germany

● 10th, Concert in Vatican (TV Broadcasting), Rome

● 11th, Concert for the Italian president (Suroradio Broadcasting), Rome

● 12th, Jerusalem

● 13th, Bethlehem


For the dates of the Friday Nights with Yury Revich concert and exhibition series in Vienna, please visit:


● 10th-13th, Tour with European Youth Orchestra and Paolo Olmi

● Fridays Nights with Yury Revich 15 concerts January-June (see separate schedule)


● 4th-13th, The Next Generation Festival. Artist in residence, performing with Zagreb Soloists, Recital with Matea Leko, and chamber music concerts, Bad Ragaz

● 16th, Donau Gala in Palais Eschenbach, Vienna

● 19th, Quiriat Gat, with Justus Franz and Israel Sinfonietta, Vivaldi The Four Seasons, Israel

● 21st, Teatro Manzoni, Haydn, Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini, Sarasate with Berliner Camerata, Monza, Italy

● 22nd, With Justus Franz and Israel Sinfonietta, Vivaldi The Four Seasons, Beer Sheva, Israel

● 23rd, With Justus Franz and Israel Sinfonietta, Vivaldi The Four Seasons, Beer Sheva, Israel

● 26th, Chamber music at the Grafin Schoenborn concert series, Vienna

● 28th, Master-Classes and Recital with Hector Frances, Bilbao, Spain


● 5th, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall Wieniawski Concerto no.1 concerto, with the State Symphony Orchestra, Moscow

● 7th, Special guest at the concert for the children with down syndrome, Ehrbar Saal, Vienna

● 10th, Khachaturyan concerto with Saxophone Orchestra and Lars Mlekusch, Konzerthaus, Vienna

● 26th-28th, International Classical Music Awards Gala Concert, Ankara

● 29th, With Quatuor du Soleil, Fermo, Italy


● 6th, With Youth European Orchestra and Paolo Olmi  , Ravenna

● 10th, Friday Nights with Yury Revich International Concert Cycle, Vienna

● 18th, With Quatuor du Soleil, Modena, Italy

● 24th, Recital with Anna Magdalena Kokits and Nikola Djoric, Musikverein, Vienna

● 26th, Schubert-Abend - 28 Beethoven Festival Vienna, Recital with Magda Amara, Vienna


● 8th, Friday Nights with Yury Revich International Concert Cycle, Vienna

● 11th-16th, Recording Violin Concerto no.2 by Johanna Doderer recording and a concert with Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie

● 29th, Gala Charity for the children with autism organized by Yury Revich, Golden Hall of the Haus der Industrie, Vienna


● 12th, "Artists for Syria", Vienna

● 13th-17th, WOM Academy, giving master-classes, Santander, Spain

● 27th, Together with Ildiko Raimondi, Nikola Djoric and others, Brucknerhaus, Linz

● 28th, Concert in Vicenza, Teatro Olimpico


● 3rd, Vivaldi Four Seasons with Wiener Kammerorchester, Stephansdom, Vienna

● 4th, Vivaldi Four Seasons with Wiener Kammerorchester, Stephansdom, Vienna

● 5th-7th, WOM Academy, giving master-classes, Noja, Spain

● 8th-28th, Concerts at the IPalpiti Festival, Los-Angeles and Seattle, United States

● 29th-31st, Chamber music with Quatuor du Soleil and Konstantin Bogino (piano), Italy


● 7th,  Vivaldi Four Seasons with Wiener Kammerorchester, Stephansdom, Vienna

● 8th,  Vivaldi Four Seasons with Wiener Kammerorchester, Stephansdom, Vienna

● 9th,  Salon Christophori, Recital, Berlin

● 11th, Salon Christophori, Recital, Berlin

● 15th, Haydn and Bach Concertos, Berlin

● 21st, Vivaldi Four Seasons with Wiener Kammerorchester, Stephansdom, Vienna

● 23rd, Schlosskonzerte Heerbrugg, chamber music, Switzerland


● 3rd, Performance at the Gerry Weber Stadion, Halle (Westf.), Germany

● 29th, With Quatuor du Soleil, and Solo performance, Konzerthaus, Vienna


● 3rd, Opening of the Cziffra Festival, Vienna

● 5th-8th, Khachaturyan concerto with La verdi and Aziz Shokhakimov, Auditorium, Milano, Italy

● 22nd, Recital, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland


● 23rd, Recital, Santa Cecilia, Rome


● 5th, Brahms Double Concerto Vivaldi and Piazzolal "8 SEASONS" Tour, Smetana Hall, Prague

● 25th, at 8pm | Berliner Philharmonie, Kammermusiksaal, Berlin

● 26th, at 5pm and at 8pm | Französischer Dom, Berlin (2 concerts)

● 31st, at 5:30pm, 8pm, 10:30pm | Gewandhaus, Mendelssohnsaal, Leipzig (3 concerts)

● 1st, at 8 pm | Gewandhaus, Mendelssohnsaal, Leipzig