Yury Revich I OLARIO Mozart and Sarasate

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it is common to count Mozart as one of kings of classical music-so it is common to call Sarasate as one of kings of violino virtuoso school.

To connect these two kings in one cd is the idea- as well as with famous magic flute opera by Mozart, on which themes sarasate wrote his virtuoso fantasy.

My personal relation to these two composers is very important for me since my childhood- my repertoire from the very beginning included both Mozart and Sarasate works. and my the very first performance with the orchestra was the mozart 4th violin concerto, and from the age of 8 I have stable in my concert repertoire list many pieces by Sarasate.

I wanted to put together these two amazing personalities, very different to each other, from different times, but both having a great charisma, musical charm, sometimes humour sometime tears, and both made a huge influence on the music and violin repertoire (in case of Sarasate- his music and arrangements are in repertoire of every violinist) generally.

I was happy to record this program with the wonderful pianist Donka Angatscheva, her fine sound and amazing musicality makes the cooperation with her very enjoyable and artistic.

Track list:

  • Mozart- Sonata for violin and piano in G-dur KV.301 
  • Mozart- Serenade no.7 in D-dur KV. 250, Rondo
  • Pablo de Sarasate- Fantasy on the Themes from the Magic Flute, Op. 54
  • Pablo de Sarasate- Gypsy Airs, Op.20
  • Pablo de Sarasate- The Carmen Fantasy, Op.25

Some Extracts:

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Mozart and Sarasate
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