Yury Revich I OLARIO Steps Through The Centuries

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The pieces I chose for this disc form a very interesting series of short violin compositions and violin arrangements of piano and vocal works from various periods, small steps through time, starting in the baroque and arriving to the very contemporary, spanning much of the instrument's history while demonstrating its many rich possibilities.

The program demonstrates violin "talking", singing, also exporing all its virtuoso sides (like in the Kochanski's arrangement of La Campanella) Meanwhile, in the opera and song arrangements, I hope to show the extent to which the violin can mimic the human voice, Paganini's famous "suonar parlante".

I'm very happy to have an amazing soprano, Bibiana on my CD, her voice is vert expressive, and it also was a very interesting idea to mix singing of a human and singing of the violin.

Just as the voice can express sorrow and grief in the Schubertian way, in the style of that period and composer, it can express essentially those same feelings in a completely different language and sound world, as in Wen Liu's piece, or in a very strict form, as in the Biber sonata.

Also joy and clear happiness in the music, like in Pergolesi sonata and joking and using some sound effects like in the Caliendo work. some quitness and inner passion like in claire de loon, and a vienese salon feeling of that century.

I hope that listening to this CD you'll enjoy the contrasts and try to catch the different emotions from different centuries.

Some Extracts:

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Steps Through The Centuries
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