Yury Revich I OLARIO Vivaldi and Piazzolla 8 SEASONS

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Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons and Astor Piazzolla - The Four Seasons in Buenos Aires.

The principle idea behind this recording was to combine Vivaldi’s Italian tempests with Piazzolla’s passionate rhythms. The connection is made here by Leonid Desyatnikov, who created a wonderful arrangement of Piazzolla’s Seasons into which some of Vivaldi’s melodies have been inserted in an extremely subtle fashion. Imagine yourself in a fantastic airplane that can carry you across the ocean from Italy to Argentina and back with a simple click of the remote control... that is how this recording should work!

The CD was awarded the Supersonic Prize by Pizzicato Magazine on the first day of it's release.

Some Extracts:

Vivaldi and Piazzolla 8 SEASONS
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