Beethoven Society For Music And Research

Beethoven Society for Music and Research

The goal of the Beethoven Society for Music and Research is to build on Beethoven’s musical legacy by creating series of concerts, lectures, master classes and workshops.

The aim is to raise the awareness for the innovation in classical music by supporting young artists and scientists on their way. A Beethoven Society Prize for outstanding accomplishments in the field of performance and research, as well as a youth competition for violin and piano will be established by 2020.

The purpose of the Society is to establish the role of classical music in the life of young people, supporting musical education and bringing music to different groups of the society, especially to people with disability. One of our goals with the Beethoven Society for Music and Research is to encourage and empower young people with disability to participate in the musical life of Vienna by creating a series of concert and workshops, as well as raising the awareness for the achievements of musicians with disability.

A further aim of the Society is to promote innovative research on Beethoven and his legacy. This will be disseminated through workshops and conferences, but first and foremost through lectures accompanying performances, giving audiences new insights into the Beethoven cosmos.